We offer the needy children of poor, unskilled Indian migrant workers the opportunity for a better future.

 Education is the foundation of a better life.

Moving School’s major objective is to offer education to children in the North Indian State of Gujarat.

We are situated in rural India in the province of Kutch, where most families earn their primary income from fishing. For eight months a year the families move from their villages to the coast to fish, creating temporary encampments along the coast. As a result, their children are far away from the schools of their home villages for most of the year.

Devendra Kandolkar, a true soul of fire, is the backbone of  Moving School in Gujarat. He inspires and leads the staff—9 teachers in 2015–16—who educated 340 children.

The campus of the Moving School is made up of several semi-permanent tent classrooms and a few permanent buildings, which offer primary school courses.

Moving School also supports hostels for both girls and boys, where the children live in safe surroundings, get food and help with their studies, and are close to a local school, where they can finish their basic education and prepare for further studies.

The hostel for girls opened in early 2014, with five girls enrolled. Traditionally some families did not want girls to live away from their family homes. However, enrolments are increasing, with ten girls and twenty boys in the hostels in 2015. 

Devendra Kandolkars’s willpower and ability to make a difference is remarkable. His work must not stop. Please support this effort today
— Mette Lange, Chairwoman MovingSchool

You can support Moving School’s important work in several ways.
With your support we can offer more children a better, safer future. With the help of education, they can escape the cycle of poverty. 


Bank transfer 

Donate a one-time or recurring payment to
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You can donate to Moving School via MobilePay.

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Since 2001 we have helped more than 10,000 poor Indian children complete primary school. 

Four of Moving School’s former pupils study at the University of Karnataka.
One girl, Kusuma, is now a student at the finest school of engineering in Karnataka.

One boy, Maligimani, who studied at the Devsu school back in 2004/2006 is now a well known reporter on ”Daily News” and has interviewed ministers and commonly known personalities.



Anders Linnet and Mette Lange, two Danes who had been coming to Goa for many years, worked with local partners to open the first Moving School in Goa, India, in 2001. Their local partners are members of a committee that helps children in distress and share local knowledge.

The project addressed children of migrant workers who migrated to the South Indian state of Goa to undertake seasonal unskilled labour. The workers lived in tents on the riverbanks with their families, working on boats dredging sand from the river bed and bringing it ashore to be used for the building industry. Because the workers were only there for part of the year, the Goan government did not take responsibility for educating the children of these families.  

The first Moving School project including a variety of “campuses,” including: floating schools constructed on river crafts; rolling schools on land; and simple huts rented for the purpose. With only these humble structures as the basic infrastructure, Moving School eventually provided primary schooling to more than 10,000 children.

As of 2017, only three campuses with about 70 pupils remain in Goa. This is due to the fact that the Goan government successfully completed an initiative to integrate the children of migrant workers into the local school system. 

The Moving School has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and is frequently listed as one of the most successful NGOs working in the area of education in Goa.


We are proud that

  •  We create schools for children who otherwise would not be educated

  • More than 10,000 children of migrant workers have, since 2001, received education through Moving School.

  • Graduates of Moving School have gone on to study at Indian universities.

  • All contributions go directly to run the schools in India.

  • All work in Denmark is done by unpaid volunteers.

  • We educate a child in India for less than 135 Euro a year.

  • This covers student uniforms, infrastructure maintenance, materials, teacher salaries, and other costs related to administering the schools.

  • Besides basic learning, the children participate in games (sport), cultural events drama, theatre, dance etc., on the same level as other school children.

January news from Gujarat - Samina writes.......

January news from Gujarat - Samina writes.......

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Our Finish ambassadours Summit, meaning Godparents visited the Rolling School in Apora in Goa with x-mas presents - highly appreciated, thank you

Our Finish ambassadours Summit, meaning Godparents visited the Rolling School in Apora in Goa with x-mas presents - highly appreciated, thank you


Moving School is a foundation and has a large number of members. Membership fees go directly to funding all of the school’s activities.

Various friends of the school have made private donations. Events have been organized in Italy to conduct collections for the schools, and our finish ambassadors  - KUMMIT – which means godparents -  have supported the schools since 2008.

Substantial donations from Rotary have supported the schools for years, and in 2008 Rotary International allowed Moving School to open an IT School in Devsu, Goa. Half of the twelve portable computers are now in Gujarat.




The people behind Movingschool in denmark

All work in Denmark is done by unpaid volunteers.


Mette Lange, Chairwoman

Enighedsvej 12, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark

email: ml@mettelange.com

KARIN VIND ERIKSEN, Board member, Cashier

Bønsvigvej 8, 4720 Præstø, Denmark

email: karin.vind.eriksen@mail.dk